Welcome to the War!

Welcome to my blog, Warrentless.

I am your writer, Dominique Oei. Call me Nikki though, please. I am a freshman at UCI, majoring in Asian-American Studier and English. I live in Loma (Loma Love!) in Mesa Courts and work as a Student Assistant in the Campuswide Honors Program Office (located in student services).

This blog will be dedicated to exploring the topics in Humanities Core, a class that combines the multiple humanities disciplines into one, centralized course. This year’s theme is War. I might reflect on conversations had in my discussion, offer my thoughts on a specific lecture, or deviate from the class entirely by giving my opinion on a related war topic that is not covered at all. This blog will use a multimedia approach, so expect videos, audio, pictures, and, of course, endless amounts of writing to show my thoughts on every aspect of war I can think of.

My goal is to simply get you thinking about the topics I will introduce. Whether you agree with me or not, whether you see my points or not– none of this matters. What does is whether or not you start questioning it too.

I can get a little long-winded and chatty, but I promise to always make a point! Stay with me, guys! (:

For a more descriptive introduction, please visit my about page, listed in the navigation bar.


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