Hello reader, welcome back to my blog for Winter Quarter’s tutoring gig. On the bright side, I am usually entertaining. That’ll have to make up for my lack of eloquence and also the fact that I am doing all of my posts in one day.

This quarter has been somewhat rough in terms of tutoring. The issue, really, is that I don’t actually get anyone anymore. YIKES.

Here’s the breakdown: I really, really want to tell you about my growth as a tutor and as a student overall, but out of my 70+ available slots this quarter, or eight timeslots per week, I have probably had a whopping two per week on average. (These statistics might be wrong, but I am too lazy to check to be honest.) Most of my office hours were spent taking naps and doing homework for other classes. That was not an issue per say, especially for the busy working student that I am, except for the fact that I didn’t exactly do much tutoring for my tutoring class. It’s a rough, easy life.

That being said, despite how nice it was to spend some quality time napping or gossiping with Dawn, this was an overall disappointing quarter because of my lack of appointments. Arina and Michelle kept reassuring me that it wasn’t me that was at fault for this. Michelle pointed out how my appointment slots are a dark gray compared to theirs, making it look like I am booked. She also said that it was difficult to schedule times for me because it seemed like the link was sometimes broken. I don’t know how true or false that is; Michelle could just be trying to make me feel better. Arina comforted me by essentially showering me in praise, which is nice (don’t get me wrong, I am still a narcissist, which perhaps is the problem) but doesn’t help if no body wants me because I’m useless D:

I am being overdramatic, I know. But I really was saddened by my total lack of student engagement. Perhaps it was the times I chose, perhaps it was an issue with the website, or perhaps I am just a crappy tutor–  whatever it is, I had super low attendance. Even if it wasn’t a slight against me personally, it sure felt like it.

I’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Spring.


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