Howdy, stranger!

Welcome to Warrentless, a personal academic blog by yours truly.


Who am I?

img_4937I am Dominique Oei, your admin, but I prefer Nikki. I’m an undergrad at University of California, Irvine, going for a double major in Asian American Studies and English. So yes, humanities to the core. Haha… I like bad jokes(clearly), potatoes in anything, and learning about cultures. Finding new music to fall in love with and crying over Chuck Palahniuk/Jim Butcher books or politics are also some of my hobbies.

Originally from the 626 area, I’m really just another college kid hoping to make it in a big, bad, new world. I see myself teaching high school but my ultimate goal is to write a series of textbooks about the various cultures permeating American society. Big dreams, little me; let’s see where I get, huh?


What is this blog?

This blog is dedicated to recording my experiences in UCI’s Humanities Core Course. (Yes, if you were wondering, this is an assignment.) The HumCore program is, essentially, an interdisciplinary class that combines the “core” classes/values/skills of the humanities– history, literature, composition, philosophy, music and art history, etc.– into one, topic-focussed course. You can find both my entries from when I took HumCore (F15, W16, S16) and when I tutored for the class (F16). For more information about HumCore, see the website here. To schedule an appointment with me about HumCore, please go here.


Warrentless: what’s the deal?


In case you were wondering about the name, I am aware that “warrantless” is the correct spelling. The off-spelling is a combination of bad jokes:

  • It has war, the 2015 HumCore theme, imbedded in the word.
  • This blog is “rentless,” as in, I am a broke college student unwilling to pay for a domain name or better theme. I promise you, if I could afford custom preferences, this blog would look 10 times better. (This is also why there are toy soldiers instead of real ones. I have no money for real people, but I can settle for green men.)
  • I am a “warrantless” investigator– I have no license or professional opinion. I am a mere student here to offer my opinion on a variety of topics. Take me seriously, but don’t forget that I, just like a majority of you, am an amateur.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope I answered anything you were looking for, but if not, feel free to contact me any time. All contact information is located in the bottom bar, and I will try to answer any comments left on my posts.

Enjoy your stay!

— Nikki Oei


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